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Your Quick Guide to Buying a New-Construction Home

Interested in buying a new-construction home but not sure where to start? Among picking out custom tile and the flooring in your home, there’s more to this process than you may think. From hiring a real estate agent to getting your home inspected, there are a few key things you must do in order to execute this process with success. Seek this quick guide for when you’re buying a new-construction home.

Get a real estate agent and attorney.

One of the first key steps in buying a new-construction home involves hiring a real estate agent. Buyers often make the mistake thinking that the on-site agent of the community will inform them on their behalf and interests, when really these agents are more interested in meeting the needs of the seller or developer. Then when it comes to signing any contracts, make sure that you have both your real estate agent and attorney present to avoid any confusion, especially when it comes to navigating the fine print.

Do a background check on the builder.

Before you begin the new-construction home process, you’ve got to do a little research and background check on the builder. Some things to look into are if the builder has a good rep with the state’s Construction Contractors Board, if they hire subcontractors and the builder’s insurance details. The key here is to do your homework by asking a lot of questions instead of just diving into the process without much knowledge.

Know what kind of package you’re buying.

Not all new-construction homes are alike. Before you get your heart set on a home, you must investigate what you’re buying. When you see a model home, you might see it staged with modern chandeliers, sconces, marble countertops, brand new appliances and more. While some new-construction homes will come with appliances, AC, landscaping and more, others might not meet your standards. Instead of getting your hopes up, know what you’re getting instead of assuming your home will resemble the model home.

Get the home inspected.

Avoid any headaches by getting the home inspected both before and after the new-construction home is completed. Even though you’ve done your homework on the background of the builder, you still want to go the extra mile by having your home inspected before drywall is put up and after it’s completed. This way you don’t have uneven drywall or electrical outlets in bizarre locations, for example.

Have a final walk-through.

Of course once your home is built and you’ve done your second home inspection, now’s the time to do a final walk-through with your builder before closing. This is the perfect time to bring to light cosmetic issues as well as double check that the finished product matches your contract.