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Your Franklin Home Maintenance Checklist for the Season

With Thanksgiving next week, we’re at the tail end of the fall season! This means you’ve likely checked off most’if not all’of the activities this season has to offer from pumpkin picking to hayrides with the kids and more! Of course, among all of the wonderful activities, there is also a fair share of home tasks to check off of your to-do list before the first day of winter (December 21, if you’re wondering). Here are four tasks to check off of your Franklin home maintenance checklist before fall ends.

Stow away your yard gadgets.

Though the fall season ushers in cooler weather, thankfully you don’t have to spend your weekends taking care of the lawn during the winter. Now’s the perfect time to stow away your yard gadgets from your mower to your gardening tools. However, don’t just prop them up in the shed. Prepare them for the season so that they’re ready once spring rolls around. For instance, you should clean off and dry your gardening tools. You should also remove the gasoline from your mower so that it does not build up deposits over time. Lastly, removing the water from your pressure washers and hoses will prevent them from freezing and damaging the pumps.

Prepare your pipes.

Another area of your home that you want to prepare before freezing temperatures take over’and check off of your Franklin home maintenance list this fall’is to prepare your pipes. If your pipes are left unprotected, this could cause them to burst as well as turn into a major headache to repair them when this could have been easily avoided. Prepare your pipes by encasing them with a foam insulation. It also helps to open any cabinet doors in your home to provide warm air to flow around the pipes.

Don’t forget to winterize your crawl space.

You certainly want to clear the area of your Franklin home‘s crawl space so that you have easy access to your pipes if you do need to repair them this season. The last thing you want to do this winter is to have to clear a path in your crawl space while in below freezing temperatures. Next, you should close all of the vents to your crawl space surrounding your home. You want them open during the warmer months to provide airflow and prevent moisture. But come fall and winter, close your crawl space vents in order to prevent heat loss.

Reuse your fallen leaves.

Let’s face it, while mowing the lawn isn’t on your to-do list for the season, raking up leaves and fallen debris gets added to your Franklin home maintenance list. Though, you’ll be delighted to know that your work won’t go to waste. Instead of bagging them to be picked up by the waste collectors each week, start a compost pile! All you have to do is purchase a plastic bin, such as a trash can, drill holes all around to allow for air flow, then add your grass clippings, dead leaves and food scraps. Every week or so, give your bin a stir, and soon you’ll have what gardeners call ‘black gold’ for your own garden beds come springtime.