Your End-of-Summer Franklin Home Maintenance Checklist

The end of summer is fast approaching, which means there are some home maintenance tasks to take care of as you finish out this season. This checklist will help you prepare your home for the transition between seasons and also to prevent any home hiccups come fall and winter. Here are four tasks to check off of your end-of-summer maintenance checklist for your Franklin home.

Start with your roof.

Your roof is a good starting place when it comes to crossing off tasks from your end-of-summer checklist. First, you’ll want to assess the gutters. Are they clogged with debris from a summer storm? Now’s a good time to clean them out to prevent water from entering your home, flooding and other water damage. Once you’ve cleaned out your gutters, look to your roof. Are there shingles missing? Have you noticed water leaking into your attic, especially after a big storm? These are just a couple signs to look for to know if you need to have your roof repaired further than your standard do-it-yourself project.

Clean up any unruly landscaping.

With summer being a lush growing season, this also means that your trees and shrubs have had some growth spurts. Grab your shears and get to trimming any unruly landscaping surrounding your Franklin home. Remove branches that might have become damaged and could fall on your home or a nearby power line. Of course if there are very large or hard to reach branches, you might have to hire a professional to remove or trim them. Trimming back your bushes is also beneficial so you do not provide areas for pests to burrow.

Tend to your windows.

Windows might be an overlooked area of your home to clean, but they shouldn’t any longer! Sure, cleaning your windows will allow more sunlight into your home come fall and winter, and you’ll get the added benefit of making your house sparkle from the curb. However, your windows should be cleaned regularly so that grime does not build up over time and cause the windows to wear down quicker than they should, which makes them less effective. Do your Franklin home a favor and clean your windows so that they continue to do their job during the months to come.

Grab your paintbrush.

Your end-of-summer maintenance checklist wouldn’t be complete without taking the paint brush to your home’s exterior. From your shutters to your siding and decks, painting or staining your home should be done near the end of summer so that the paint can dry and also so that you can withstand the weather as you work outdoors. Not only do you get to add to your Franklin home‘s curb appeal, a new coat of paint also protects your home from normal home wear and tear for the upcoming season.