How’s the work from home life going so far? If you’re struggling with how to stay focused during this time, keep reading for 5 tips on how to work from your Franklin home.


Get Dressed & Put Together

Similar to the common phrase, ‘Look good, feel good’, it’s important to keep getting dressed in the mornings. Although it is tempting to see this time as a mini vacation, your body has become accustomed to getting into ‘work mode’ when you change for your job in the mornings. It’s not necessarily imperative to continue wearing a suit while working from home, but nix any ideas you once had about keeping those pajamas on all day.


Establish a Morning Routine

Working from home means you no longer have to commute, so how will you spend that time? Yes, you could snooze a little longer. You also now have time to make breakfast every morning, spend time with your family, read, and more. The point is, do not feel the need to rush ‘into the office’ first thing every day.


Take Lunch Breaks

When working at the office, you may or may not be accustomed to eating lunch at your desk each day. When working from home, try to avoid this. If your makeshift office space is at your kitchen table, move your laptop and notepad prior to eating. It’s healthy to create boundaries within your home to give your brain a break. In the office you’re used to a change of scenery, whether it be walking over to a coworkers desk or heading into another room for a meeting. At home, these scenery changes are limited, so make sure to try to set boundaries during lunch and even go for a short walk if the weather permits.


Minimize Distractions

Working from home means you’re finally able to crank up your favorite tunes or binge watch that Netflix show you’ve been putting off, right? Wrong. While you may be one of the few people who’s able to work with such background noise, more than likely it’ll end up distracting you from your workflow. Try to avoid scrolling social media or turning on the TV.


Log Off When The Day Is Done

At the end of the day, log off, close the laptop, and clean up your office space. Enjoy the extra time you get with your family now that you no longer are stuck in evening traffic! Just as it’s important to set boundaries during your lunch break, it’s also important to set boundaries at the end of each work day. Leaving work in the office is easier because of the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality; therefore, make sure to claim back your home and let it be a place of rest and relaxation at the end of each day.


Are you currently working from home at the moment? Tell us what helps you stay productive!