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Why You Should be Homebuying During Fall

While the leaves are wearing the colors of the changing season, this time of the year often means that changes in the real estate market are occurring, too. With the slower market, more motivated sellers and less competition occurring now, the season poses many great benefits for homebuying during fall.

Here’s why you should be buying your homethis season.

Get a deal from a home listed lastspring

Chances are, some homes that were put on the market during the spring were listed too high and are now remaining during fall . . . with a price reduction. Experts say that sellers are less likely to entice buyers with these higher prices once Labor Day rolls around. Luckily, for those homebuying during fall, sellers have likely grown impatient and are willing to negotiate for much lower than market value.

Less competition, more homebuying opportunities

Once school starts, you no longer have to compete with families looking to buy a home before their kids have to enroll in school. It goes without saying that you will have less competition and even more opportunities to purchase a home during this season.

Greater incentive to close before the tax year ends

If sellers are looking ahead to tax benefits, they’ll be more motivated to close on their homes before the tax year ends on December 31. Sift through listings to see if this incentive to close before December 31 is something that the seller is offering.

Selling and home showingsinterrupt holiday festivities

The holiday season is right around the corner, and this of course means that sellers will have more parties and events to host and attend and less time to be showing their homes. Now is the time, before all of the holiday events, that you will have a greater chance to encounter a seller ready to sell now.

The fall season reveals a home’s flaws

When the colorful spring and summer gardens are gone, you can clearly see a home’flaws and all. When homebuying during fall, this is a great time to have the houseinspected so that you can have a betterperspectivebefore you make the big offer. Now’s the time when you can test the boiler and other heating systems that you wouldn’t normally turn on during the warmer months.