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When to Replace Your Franklin Home’s Windows

If you’ve lived in your home for quite some time now, chances are that it’s nearing the time to replace your home’s windows. Wondering if you’re due for a window replacement? Here are a few key clues to look out for when you’re nearing window replacement for your Franklin home.

There is visible damage.

Of course one of the first telltale signs that you need to replace your windows is if you’re seeing any damage in the glass or noticeable warping around the frames. You also might be noticing air leaking in or out of your windows. Or perhaps the windows are sticky when you open and close them, which means the frames have warped over time. If you’re receiving any of these signals from your windows, it’s time for a window replacement. Luckily, damage doesn’t always mean you have to replace your windows completely. You might just need to get them repaired for the time being. Minor repairs might include replacing hardware or weatherstripping. Whatever kind of damage your windows are revealing, be sure to assess each one in your home in order to keep them in tiptop shape.

Your bills are sky high.

Are your bills much higher lately? While this, of course, may be due to the heat wave happening in Franklin, your windows could also be playing a role in this. First things first, if your windows are drafty, you’re likely losing your precious air conditioning and allowing hot air in, which forces your system to work even harder to keep your home cool. Then if your system is working harder, your bills will reflect it, and a window replacement is surely in your future. However, by installing energy-efficient, double-pane windows, you can save even more on your bills and be able to use this as a selling point to buyers since they will keep the bills down and also help the home to maintain its intended temperature. As an added perk, energy-efficient windows are also known to muffle outdoor noises better.

They’re affecting your curb appeal.

In addition to having damage and wanting to reduce your energy bills, you might want to improve your curb appeal for your own enjoyment or if you’re planning on selling soon. Since your windows take up a lot of real estate on your home, if they’re looking drab, your home will reflect this as well. When you replace your Franklin home’s windows, you don’t have to go for the same old same old. You might opt for larger windows to increase natural sunlight in your home’a feature that’s high on buyers’ lists. Or you might go for a different style of window to add some zest to your curb appeal.