It can be intimidating to buy a home without stepping inside, but virtual tours are the next best thing! In order to get the most out of your virtual showing, be sure to ask your agent these questions:


For the Interior

  • What size bed could I fit in this bedroom?
  • How deep is this coat closet? / How many pairs of shoes could I fit at the bottom?
  • Can you turn on the faucets and showers so I can see the water pressure?
  • What kind of cell phone reception do you have in this room?
  • Can you show me the inside of the oven/dishwasher/etc.?
  • What size of sofa can I fit in this living room?


For the Exterior

  • Can you show me around the property?
  • How far does the backyard extend?
  • Is there space to add a playground/fire pit?


For the Neighborhood

  • How close is the grocery store?
  • What is the traffic noise level like?
  • Does this neighborhood have a strong sense of community?


At the end of your virtual tour, it’s also important to ask the question(s), ‘Would you live here? / What reservations do you have about this property?’. Trusting your realtor and knowing they have stepped inside the home gives them credibility to answer this question.


If you’re ready to start looking at homes but prefer to do so from a distance, contact me today to set up some virtual tours.