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Unconventional, Yet Effective Home Buying Tips

Are you on the hunt for your dream home, and you’re unsure where to begin your search? When it’s a buyers’ market, it can be hard to make your offer stick out among the rest. You’ve probably heard tips like including a personal note to the seller or offering to pay in cash in order to woo them, but there are other unconventional, yet effective, home buying tips that can get you one step closer to your dream home as well.

Here are a few tips to get you closer to buying your dream home:

Market yourself.

Instead of spending hours combing through your local MLS, marketing yourself as a buyer in your desired neighborhood can be a fantastic unconventional way to get one step closer to your dream home. Experts suggest mailers, such as flyers or postcards, to communicate to neighborhoods that you’re ready to buy a home! Include contact information such as your email address or phone number. If you don’t preferto use your primary contact information, you can always create a temporary email address or use Google for a temporary phone number.

You can put down less than 20 percent.

Twenty percent is the preferred down payment to be placedon homes, but experts say that you can put as low as 3’5 percent, then pay the monthly private mortgage insurance, or PMI, payments. This way, you can get your dream home and stay within your budget.

Stand out to the sellers.

Any buyer can write a letter to a seller, but a letter that stands out and is more personal will have a greater impact on the buyer. When you take a tour of the home, take notice of yoursurroundings. Is there a glistening garden? Do the sellershave children? Do the sellershave an impression collection of items such as books or wine? Take note of these clues so that you can not only include them in your note to the sellers, but you could even gift them something to add to their collection, such as a rare bottle of wine or a plant.

Rent to own.

While not always an option, becoming a tenant first can be a great unconventional way to get your dream home. As you build trust as a reliable and responsible tenant to the homeowner, you just might be able to convince the owner to sell. Go over and above as a tenant by paying your rent early, keeping your lawn in shape and, of course, treating the home as your own with the same attention to maintenance. As an owner sees that you care about the home just as much as they do, this might openan opportunity for them to sell.