Top Neighborhood Features that are Great for Resale Stormberg Group BlogTop Neighborhood Features that are Great for Resale

Your future home is modern,has a great layout with ample square footage and maybe even has an updated kitchen with top-notch appliances. But how does your yard measure up? Is the neighborhood traffic tolerable? Are there amenities conveniently located in your neighborhood? While it seems counterproductive to think about resale value when looking for your own home, you’ll surely be thanking yourself in the future.These are a few of the top neighborhood featuresto investigate before deciding on your future home.

Ample yard space

Having ample yard space has become a hot commodity when it comes to top neighborhoodfeatures that are great for resale. Ample yard space allows for extra space to host events on your deck orpatio, outdoor kitchens complete with upgraded grilling areas, pools, hot tubs and even fire pits. Having ample yard space also allows for gardeners to exercise their creativity whenit’s time togrowvegetables and plan elaborate landscaping.

Neighborhood amenities

During the home search, buyers often focus on a home’s square footage and other features, while neighborhood amenities are often overlooked. From dog parks to public pools and playgrounds, these are just a few neighborhood amenities that can save you money in the long run.

Noise and traffic

Before you decide on a home, set aside some time to listen to your surroundings. Is there a train station nearby? Is there a school nearby that could cause morning traffic? Perhaps there’s a local factory nearby that emits a not-so-attractive odor. Whatever the case may be, decide what you are willing to tolerate as a homeowner in this neighborhood because noise and traffic are factors that cannot be changed.

Sidewalk access

If you’re a family with little ones or you enjoy a daily stroll or bike ride in your neighborhood, your access to sidewalks will play a huge role in the quality of life in your new neighborhood. In addition, sidewalk access also provides added safety and could be a deciding factor for whether or not this is the best area for you and your family.