Techniques for Being a Great Neighbor

In some neighborhoods, it seems that the art of being a great neighbor has been lost. Perhaps in your neighborhood, you’re finding that neighbors don’t know each other’s names, have never spoken or would never ask to borrow a lawn mower, for example. If you’re finding that these are the characteristics of your own neighborhood, the beginning of a great neighborhood is becoming a great neighbor yourself. Here are a few techniques for being a great neighbor so that you can start a neighborly trend in your community.

Be warm and welcoming.

First things first, introduce yourself to your neighbors. Whether you’re the new neighbors on the block, or you just noticed some new neighbors move in next door, walk up to their front door and give them a warm welcome to the community. And if you bring a homemade dessert, that’s a plus! This also applies if you’ve noticed your neighbor going through a hard time. Stopping by with a small gift, whether that’s cookies or a card, is a nice neighborly gesture.

Exchange phone numbers.

A great neighbor is happy to exchange phone numbers or contact information. Should a situation arise while you’re on vacation or they’re on vacation, who better to contact than your neighbor? Also, having each other’s numbers is the easiest way to inform each other if say, your neighborhood’s power goes out or the area floods, for example. Or perhaps you can’t get home quick enough, and you need to ask if your neighbor can let your dog out or get your kids from the bus stop. Whatever the case may be, staying connected to your neighbors in some way will be a relief in unexpected circumstances.

Lend a helping hand.

If you see your neighbor struggling with their lawn mower or having car problems, for example, don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand in those situations instead of sitting back to watch it happen. Offer to help your neighbor, and if you don’t have the skills to assist them, you might even refer them to a trusted handyman or mechanic in the area.

Upkeep your lawn and home appearance.

Just because you own your home doesn’t mean that you should be treating your lawn as a place to store all of your knick knacks or other untidy hobbies. A great neighbor is concerned about the appearance of their neighborhood, so you should do your best to upkeep your yard by mowing it regularly and cleaning up any tools instead of leaving them in your driveway.