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Take Better Listing Photos with these 5 Expert Tips

Now that you’ve hopefully tackled your spring cleaning, it’s time to take better listing photos that show off the highlights of your home to sell quicker. If it’s not in the budget to hire a listing photographer, no need to fret! For starters, it goes without saying that a professional camera is preferred over your camera phone. Now, here are five expert tips to take better listings photos to best show off your home!

1. Capture your curb appeal.

You’ve worked hard on your landscaping and updating your home’s appearance this spring; don’t let all of that hard work go to waste! Now’s the time for your curb to shine, so make sure you take an attractive photo from your curb that is void of distracting objects including people, cars or outdoor debris.

2. Go to greater heights.

Another beneficial angle to best capture your home is a heightened view via drone. When buyers see a drone shot of your home, they can get a better scale of the area’s surroundings that you want to highlight, i.e. a lake view or an impressive garden.

3. Create a welcoming atmosphere.

Capturing your front door ushers buyers into your home via your listing photos. Because of this, now’s the time to do away with your ‘Beware of Terrier’ signs and any other signs that signal a ‘Keep Out’ sort of message. Even showing your door open in the photo conveys a sense of invitation and warmth for the listing photos to follow.

4. Highlight your renovations.

Has your home been recently renovated? Then it’s time to show off your recent projects! From everything to an upgraded patio to your renovated kitchen or bathroom, make sure to capture a few photos of these areas if they have been renovated since these are your major selling points, and buyers want to see what you have done to improve the home.

5. Don’t forget about staging your home.

Buyers want to be able to envision what their life could be like in your home, and a home well-staged will go far in their minds when they’re scrolling through your listing photos. If you don’t hire a professional home stager, there are a few key things you can do on your own:

  • Declutter your rooms and remove unnecessary furniture so that your rooms don’t seem too small.
  • Depersonalize your rooms by removing knick-knacks, personal photos and loud artwork.
  • Create a welcoming environment by adding plenty of throws, pillows and even a vase full of flowers.