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Small Home Solutions to Maximize Your Space in Franklin

When you buy a home, you might quickly fall in love with the upgraded kitchen, the neighborhood and the school systems if you have little ones in your family. However, in the midst of being swept away by your Franklin home, you might have overlooked one tiny aspect: It’s feels much smaller now that you’ve moved in. Perhaps you didn’t calculate how your furniture would fit or you simply overlooked the square footage, but you don’t have to make the move to a bigger home in Franklin just yet! Here are a few small home solutions to maximize your space instead of making the move.

Expand it.

Of course one of the most commonsense small home solutions is to expand your home. If you have the land to expand upon, adding new rooms to increase the square footage will likely be on your radar. Or perhaps you choose to expand vertically by adding a second story to your home. While this solution can certainly be the most costly for your small home, you’re also investing in order to meet the needs of your family as it expands.

Install smart storage.

If expanding your home isn’t in the budget at the moment, consider installing smart storage solutions to better make use of your small home. If you don’t have them already, adding built-ins to an area of your home is a way to display your most treasured items. Additionally, installing a bench between the built-ins acts not only as another place to sit but also as a chest to stow away your belongings. Of course you could have a greater ratio of cabinets to shelves if you prefer that look, which also brings greater storage. Hiring a skilled carpenter will help your vision come to life. When it comes to your kitchen, there are plenty of smart storage solutions you can implement from cabinets in your kitchen island to racks that slide out of your cabinets where you can hang all of your pots.

Reconsider your furniture.

Often times a cramped home feels this way because you either have too much furniture in one room, or the furniture is far too large for the space. If you have outdated furniture that’s bulky, you might opt for more modern furniture that takes up less overall square footage in your home. When you do incorporate new furniture into your space, it would also be helpful if your furniture served more than just one purpose. For instance, your coffee table might have drawers or cabinets beneath so that its surface does not become too crowded.

Knock down some walls.

Whether you’re simply unhappy with your layout or you’re looking to maximize the size of your small home in Franklin, knocking down some walls to open up the layout is your solution. But don’t just begin haphazardly taking a mallet to your dining room wall! Consult a professional in your area who is knowledgeable of your home’s style and structure and can help you change up your layout to better attribute to your home’s flow.