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Small Franklin Home: Hosting Tips for this Holiday Season

Don’t underestimate the size of your home when it comes to hosting your own holiday soiree this season. Have a smaller home in Franklin just means that you can get a little more creative in terms of serving food, seating arrangements and more. Here are a few tips to help you host this holiday season . . . even if you do have a smaller Franklin home.

Make room.

Of course, first you want to see the space that you’re able to work with. This means it’s time to make room! Make room in your home by decluttering every space that can be utilized by you and your guests. Look around your living room. Do you have a basket solely for blankets, too many end tables or other storage racks that could trip up your guests? Remove any furniture that is unnecessary in order to clear the living spaces for your soiree. When it comes to your countertops, you probably won’t need your fancy standing mixer or even a toaster oven when hosting. Tuck any appliances away and off your countertops so that you can have more places for food and beverages to be served.

Work with what you’ve got.

Now that you’ve made room in your Franklin home, now you can see what pieces of furniture you do have so that you can create gathering spaces and seating areas for your guests. You might push your couches and other chairs flush against the wall so that there is more room more walking. You might even move your coffee table out from the center of the room and off to the side. Just make sure that you keep a good amount of end tables around for your guests to set down beverages and small plates. Then you’ll want to get creative with seating. Look around your home for ottomans and any other stools you might have lying around and put them in groups to encourage conversation. If you’re having a more informal, potluck-style get together, alternatively you could even push all chairs (bar stools, dining table chairs, ottomans, etc.) to the outskirts of the main gathering space to create even more flow at your party.

Get creative with serving stations.

Who says that food and beverage stations are reserved for the dining room or the kitchen? When you’re working with your smaller Franklin home, you have to get creative to utilize your space for serving stations. This means there can be multiple serving areas upon a multitude of surfaces! Maybe you’ll want to put some non-messy finger foods on your coffee table. Think candied nuts and bite-sized fruit tarts. Do you have a set of bookshelves? Clear a few of the shelves and use these as beverage stations! Do you have items that you want to keep warm? Keep them on the stove on low and have guests serve themselves straight from the stove. Of course you can utilize your kitchen countertops, rolling bar carts and other surfaces of your home. Just make the flow intuitive and label areas to make things easy on your guests.

Less is more, when it comes to decor.

While you might love to outfit your home with all the garland, candles and wreaths, when you’re having a grand holiday soiree at your house, you’ll want to keep your decor to a minimum. Instead of having items sprawled out on all of your surfaces, add a few touches that evoke the holiday season without crowding your Franklin home. Hanging decorations are great for smaller spaces. Think hanging string lights, snowflakes or a small garland over one of your doors’just don’t forget the mistletoe!