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Selling Your Franklin Home: 4 Questions to Answer

Are you ready to sell your Franklin home? Think again. While you might have been pondering this process for quite some time, there are likely other scenarios you have not played out yet. Here are four questions to ask yourself before making the plunge and putting your Franklin home on the market.

1. What are your motives for selling your home?

First, start with the ‘why’ behind selling your home. Are you putting your home on the market because you have a new job opportunity and need to move? Or perhaps you are selling your home to downsize because you have become an empty nester. Whatever the ‘why’ behind your ‘what’ is for wanting to sell your home, knowing the answer to this question will help you narrow down if selling your Franklin home now is truly the best decision for you.

2. What is the current state of the market?

Speaking of timing, the timing of the real estate market is another telltale sign to help you gauge if you should sell your home now or wait for an opportune time in the market. Seek out the assistance of your real estate agent to see if the market is favoring buyers, sellers or if it could go either way. Knowing this and selling in the market to benefit you is key so that you won’t have too much debt left from your home loan and can pocket some cash. Additionally, the temperature of the market will want to be favorable for buyers since you’ll likely be buying a new Franklin home as well. At the end of the day, an ideal market for you is one that will benefit both sides.

3. Are you ready to hire a real estate agent?

Some sellers try to sell their homes themselves. While this can be favorable for some sellers, it’s not exactly recommended. Hiring a real estate agent ensures that you’ll have their knowledge, history of the area and expertise in neighborhoods and of the real estate market to best assist you throughout this process. Oftentimes, agents will also market your homes on social media channels to ensure your home is sold quickly and for a great rate! All in all, hiring a real estate agent is beneficial for you so that you can quickly sell your home while also quickly finding another place to call your own.

4. Do you have the time to dedicate to preparing it to sell?

If you haven’t been on the selling side when it comes to preparing a Franklin home to go on the market, there’s far more to the process than finding an agent and listing your home. You have to do the prep work that requires it to sell. It takes time and funds to do this as you depersonalize your home and declutter it for listing photos. You’ll likely have to do a deep cleaning of your home, repainting and repairing areas that need updating. Not only that, but you might hire a home stager and professional listing photo photographer to best capture your home and highlight its features that will sell’all of which will need time and funds allotted for these tasks.