If you’re thinking about selling your home this spring, the time to start preparing is now. There’s a long laundry list of to-do items waiting to be checked off, so let’s start with some quick, easy fixes for your curb appeal. Here are 4 aspects of your Franklin property to tackle over a weekend:


Add Seating

A bench or a pair of chairs will add significant value to your outdoor space. Adding furniture makes the space feel ‘lived in’ in a way that speaks to the level of coziness to the buyer. Furniture is a way to invite the buyer to create memories, like enjoying a morning cup of coffee or watching kids play in the front yard while sipping some sweet tea. The seating area does not need to be elaborate, a simple wooden bench by a tree or rocking chair at the front door will be the perfect touch for your home.


A Front Door Face-Lift

A new coat of paint can do wonders for a first impression. Sand down your current front door and pick a bold new color that is sure to stand out to homebuyers. This is where you are first greeted upon entering the home, so make sure it is both inviting and brings excitement to the potential buyer.


Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Pop into your local hardware store and stroll down the lighting aisle. Find a pair of lighting fixtures that mount the same way your current fixtures do and this should be an easy swap. If you’re not finding anything to fit your style, DIY! Grab some painter’s tape and spray paint to give your current fixtures new life. This upgrade should only cost you $10-$30.


Hide Eyesores

Trash bins, garden tools, and the like don’t necessarily need to be in the public eye. A simple fix is to move what you can inside your garage for showings or to strategically hide them. Trash bins can be hidden with a lattice fence on the corner of your house–this will both add design and cover up the ugly trash cans (win, win!). Garden tools, such as a hose can be hidden in a basket or even behind some greenery, if you’re looking to add a small bush to your space.


Curb appeal makes the first impression of your home to the buyer, so it’s important to clean things up a bit out front. What is one area you want to improve on the front side of your house?