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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to the Suburbs

Are you considering moving from the city to the suburbs? Whether it’s for a new job opportunity or a lifestyle change for you and your family, here are some important questions to ask yourself before making the big move! Once you’ve considered these factors, decide whether or notmovingto the suburbs is the best decisionfor you and your family.

Will my commute be affected?

If you’re keeping the same job when moving to the suburbs, you’ll want to consider your commute. What used to take a short stroll or a short 10-minute bus ride might now take 25 minutes or more. Factor in morning traffic and the occasional unexpected delays, and you could easily double your calculated commute, which can of course lead to higher stress levels and increased gas expenses. You could also seek out public transportation to see if this is a better fit for you.

How are the schools?

While the schools in your new district might be rated high for their test scores, this doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for your family. Assess your children’s needs to see if there are schools that meet them. For instance, you might seek out schools with a special education program or a rich math and science program. Then, see if the school can accommodate your family’s needs as parents. If you and your spouse have nine-to-fives, after school care and bus transportation are amenities to be seeking.

How do the locals spend their time?

You might be used to walking out of your front door and into a wealth of fun activities and events for you and your family. In the suburbs, sights and attractions are undoubtedly more spread out geographically and may take additional time to find the hot spots. Ask your realtor about the area to get insider tips or you can visit the area’s chamber of commerce site to look at their events calendar.

What’s summer like in the suburbs?

While it’s crucial to inspect an area’s schools and local amenities, knowing how the locals spend their summers will also give insight into the overall personality of the town. Is there a community club that families belong to? Does everyone go out of town? If many people venture out of town, this could indicate that the fun is elsewhere. Siteslike Nextdoor can be a great resource for finding out this information as you can socialize with your potential neighbors to ask for local tips.