It’s essential to work with a builder you trust and one who can guarantee a seamless process, because building your dream home is a big deal! Here’s a few questions to ask prior to breaking ground in Franklin:


What materials can we choose from?

Building materials will sometimes be up to the contractor which keeps your options limited; however; if given free reign on choosing materials, ask about return on investment (ROI). Even if you plan for this to be your ‘forever’ home, there could always be a day when you want to sell it. Set yourself up for success by weighing the pros and cons of each material and what works best for your style and budget. If you’re not planning on keeping the home forever, it may be worth it to invest in materials upfront in order to receive a higher ROI in the long run.


Can I make upgrades/changes during construction?

Although you will go through the floor plans prior to breaking ground, you may want to make some changes while your house is being built. This can be a result of personal design preferences or unforeseen circumstances which affect the budget. It’s good to know how flexible your builder is and how long you have to make changes. Keep in mind that these changes will also influence your final purchase price so make sure to bring that into the conversation as well.


What’s your usual timeframe for a build (start to finish)?

Understanding a builder’s timeline will help in several ways. It will give an indication as to when you’ll be able to move into your home, thus giving you the opportunity to hold off on building or get started right away. You’ll also be able to structure your budget to save adequately for the down payment!


What energy efficient features do you suggest?

Initiating this conversation can help save you money in the long term! Many people work on switching over light fixtures and heating systems which can get expensive fast, so you might as well build your home based off of energy efficiency from the beginning!


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