While you may think you’re in the clear for hurricanes living in Tennessee, we still have to be careful of the aftermath of those storms. Many times hurricanes will be significantly downgraded to tropical storms by the time they come this far inland, yet the winds and the rain can still be very powerful. Here’s a couple tips to help you stay on top of preparing for tropical storms:


Stock Up Early

Remember a few months ago when the pandemic first hit and everyone took to buying everything out? Don’t find yourself in the same predicament: looking at empty shelves in the grocery store. To combat this, each week when you go grocery shopping, stalk up on a few items. This could be either canned goods, batteries, or paper products. Breaking this down by starting early will save you the large upfront costs of buying everything all at once while also easing your stress of knowing you already have items at home.


Items to stock up on:



First Aid Kit

Canned Goods



Water Bottles

(A generator is also a great thing to have at home!)


Do Home Improvement Projects

Take a look at that long list of home projects you have. Knock off the essential ones now before a large storm hits! This includes cleaning out those gutters, patching up the roof, and fixing those drafty windows. These problems will only be accentuated during or after huge storms. Other home projects such as that major kitchen updates can wait until after the stormy season is over. Just make sure your home is in tip top shape to withstand the rain and winds!


What’s on your list of tropical storm essentials or home tasks to get done?