Football is back in season which brings on so many different opportunities to welcome people into your home. Is your house ready to host the (socially distant) viewing party? Here’s a quick few tips to set your TN home up for the perfect score:

Host Outdoors

If the weather is still warm, make use of your outdoor space! This pertains to grilling, hosting yard games, and even projecting the game onto a wall outside (if you have a covered patio that would allow for good lighting of the ‘screen’). Having people outside makes less clean up, both before and after the party, as well as more space for more friends and family.

If the weather is a bit colder, don’t let that stop you from hosting! Bring in chairs from your office space, pillows for the floor, and clear out your living room so that there’s room for everyone.

Spot Clean

Most people dread hosting because of the amount of cleaning involved to get the home perfect for everyone. To conquer this fear, put focus on the areas of the home where people will actually be spending their time. For example, if hosting outdoors, you might consider mowing the lawn and hosing down the outdoor furniture to rid it of dust/dirt. If hosting inside, do a quick vacuum in the living room and kitchen. As for bathrooms, focus on making sure the main guest bath is clean and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to have enough hand sanitizer for everyone!

Prepare Extra Games

While everyone is gathering at your home for the main event, it’s a great idea to have other games on hand for children or for extra entertainment. Keep kids occupied by putting out coloring books and puzzles in another room. This frees up the floor space in the main area and is a sure way to keep the kids happy and busy. Other games such as board games or cards are fun during half time or if the game gets a little boring.

How are you hosting football parties this season?