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Instagram-Ready: Design Tips for Your Franklin Home

In this day and age, having an Instagram-ready home not only inspires others to design their own spaces, but it is incredibly beneficial if you’re planning to put your home on the market in the near future. From using your home’s natural lighting to staging and styling your space, here are four design tips for getting your
Franklin home Instagram-ready.

1. Tidy your home.

When it comes to capturing your home for the ‘Gram, you don’t want all of the everyday clutter to peak out of your photos and steal the spotlight. Before your start styling your Franklin home for that picture perfect moment, take a few minutes to put away your belongings. You might even take a test shot to spot any distracting items. It might be that stray sock behind your couch, some phone charging cords dangling on a table or your everyday mail pile on your countertops. Regardless, tidying your home goes a long way.

2. Stage and style the space.

You’ve seen it in coffee shops, hotels and small businesses. These locations are intentional about setting up a space for you to strike a pose and share it on Instagram because you get that new photo for your feed, and they get free advertising for their business. You can apply this approach when it comes to your Franklin home, too. Style and stage your space in a way that is striking, inviting and unique. Perhaps you want to show off your velvet couch and styled bookshelves. Stage this area with fun coffee table books and a throw on your couch. You might add some decorative pillows or you might forgo pillows altogether. Just make sure that there is a focal point that will entice the viewer to stop and study your design choices.

3. Convey a story.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is more relevant now than ever when it comes to Instagram. Perhaps you’re planning on selling your home in the upcoming year and want to showcase how you design the space as the seasons change. With fall around the corner, why not show how you are transitioning your home for the season? Incorporate some candles and cozy textures into your rooms. Change out the color scheme to evoke the season by using colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow or emerald green. Then if you’d like, you might even include a short caption about this season and what it means to you.

4. Natural lighting is key.

While you might have hung some autumnal drapes for the season, this doesn’t mean you should have them blocking the natural light for your photo. Any photographer will tell you that natural lighting is key to capturing beautiful photos, which means the same goes for you and your Franklin home. Choose a time in the day where you are getting a good amount of sunlight or during ‘golden hour,’ which is the hour right before sunset or after sunrise. Also when you are capturing Instagram-ready photos, you’ll want to turn off any artificial lighting so it does not affect your photos.