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How to Reel in Buyers at Your Open House

‘Tis the season for open houses, which means it’s more important now than ever to stick out during your home showing. The key to having a successful open house is to make sure your home is inviting and will also show off its key features. Here are a few tips to reel in buyers and show off your home at your upcoming open house.

Work on your curb appeal.

As you may know by now, curb appeal is crucial as it’s the first introduction buyers will have of your home. Now’s the time to take a hard look at your home’s exterior and freshen up any areas that might have gone overlooked over the years. You might paint your front door; add new hardware; buy a new mailbox; repaint your shutters; plant some new flowers in your garden beds; and the list goes on.

Stage your home.

You’ve’hopefully’cleaned and decluttered your home for listing photos. Now it’s time to reel in buyers by staging your home. There are plenty of home staging professionals that can help you arrange your furniture in a way that will best suit the rooms of your home. However, you can also choose to not hire a professional home stager and stage your home on your own. A few home staging tips include grouping your furniture into clusters instead of flush against the wall, which opens up the room to make it appear more spacious. Another key tip for staging your home is to neutralize the space by using decor and paint colors in a warm, neutral palette.

Continue to declutter.

If you’re finding that, while staging your home, you still have too much furniture in your rooms, continue to declutter to reel in buyers. If your home is too cluttered, buyers will begin to think there’s not enough square footage for their own belongings. To stow away furniture, you might consider renting a storage unit to temporarily hold your belongings that you still want to keep, but impede on the staging of your home.

Cater to all of the senses.

When it comes to your open house, you want to touch on all of the senses, not just sight. To touch on the sense of smell, you might open a window to usher in the spring scents. Lighting is also key. If you have a lot of natural light in your home, show it off by using sheer curtains. If it’s darker in other rooms, make sure to choose lightbulbs that will create a sense of warmth in those rooms. You could also add cozy textiles by incorporating nice throws on the couches or beds. Of course, having a light appetizer or treat is another way to cater to the senses and leave a lasting impression to reel in buyers.