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How to Get Your Franklin Home Ready for Listing Photos

Are you selling your home soon? Once you’ve found a trusted real estate agent to help you with this process, the next best step is to showcase your home online, which means you’ll want to have stunning listing photos captured. Cell phone photos and poor lighting won’t do your photos justice, so it’s recommended that you hire a photographer, particularly one who specializes in real estate photography. Here are four ways you can get your Franklin home ready for listing photos.

Declutter your home.

In order for the photographer to capture great photos, you’ll want to make sure your home is free from clutter. Now’s the time to tackle any clutter that’s corralled on your counter or bookshelves, and finally turn that third bedroom into a liveable space instead of a room with all of your odds and ends tossed in. It’s also necessary to make sure your rooms are uncrowded so that buyers are able to see your home and not distracted by all of your belongings. You might have to donate, trash or even rent a storage unit to achieve this.

Give your home a thorough cleaning.

If you’re trying to capture immaculate listing photos to sell your Franklin home, then you want to ensure that it’s in shipshape and not skimp on the cleaning process. Clean your home from top to bottom, from the crevices in your cabinets to the baseboards of every room. You might want to consider hiring professional cleaning services to take care of any details you might have missed as well as get your home’s carpets and rugs professionally cleaned.

Don’t forget about your home’s exterior.

Of course, the listing photographer will be capturing more than the interior of your home; he or she will also be taking photos of your exterior, lawn and surroundings. Now’s the prime time to bring out the power washer (or rent one) to ensure your home’s siding, driveway, walkways, deck or patio are gleaming like new. Next, clean up your lawn by cutting the grass, trimming the hedges and mulching your garden beds for a finishing touch. You might even paint your front door or mailbox in a new coat of paint to make your Franklin home truly shine.

Stage your home.

It’s no secret: A staged home sells. Once you’ve done the dirty work of decluttering and thoroughly cleaning your home, staging your home is the final step to take before your listing photographer arrives. Hiring a professional home stager will serve you greatly as they are skilled to not only make your home appeal to buyers, but to look great for listing photos. Using their keen eye for design, you can allow home stagers to work their magic to present your home tastefully and on trend. If you’d rather stage your home on your own, just make sure to stick to a neutral color palette, and remove any decor that could deter buyers such as large-scale family photos or distracting artwork.