The easiest way to get your property sold is to have as many people see your home as possible. It can easily turn into a numbers game! In order to set your home up for the best chance to get an offer as soon as possible, check out these tips to get more views on your listing:


Upgrade Photos

When was the last time you redid your listing photos? Photos are the first thing to catch the eye of a potential buyer, so you want to make a good impression. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your listing photos, take a look at our guide on taking the best listing photos.

Include Video Tour

When the pandemic first hit and everyone was under strict quarantine rules, home buying and selling didn’t stop. It just moved digital. Therefore, if you had a video tour of your home taken during that time, make sure to leave it on the listing webpage! Although people will most likely still rather see the home in person, it doesn’t hurt to give your buyers a sneak peak of the area.

Advertise on Social Media

Once you have the listing up to date and as optimized as possible, it’s now time to utilize your social media platforms. Post the link on all your pages and include special sneak peaks, such as a photo or two in order to draw the attention of viewers. Ask family and friends to share your posts to get a wider audience as well!

Hold Open Houses

Making your home look desirable online is great, but then you need to get buyers in the door. It’s best to host as many open houses as you can to give prospective buyers an opportunity to see your home. Open houses can also speed up the decision making process, as buyers can actively see other people looking at the same property and therefore may want to submit an offer ASAP to secure the home.


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