If you find yourself working from home yet you don’t have a home office, it’s time to make your own. That’s right, sitting on your couch is no longer an option when you have these DIY home office tips:


Good Lighting

It’s important to make sure your home office has plenty of light. Even better, make sure it has natural lighting. This will boost your mood and reduce stress! (Two things we could all use when working from home under these circumstances.) Even better, try to set up your workspace in front of a large window with a view!



Maybe you have a spare bedroom you’re able to turn into your home office–yay! If not, it’s time to hunt down the perfect location within your home. A few factors to consider: power outlets, whether or not you have kiddos who need supervision, and video conferencing. Set up your workspace near an outlet so that you’re able to plug in all devices simultaneously and not disrupt your workflow. If you have children who need supervision, consider setting up shop at your kitchen counter where you’re able to keep an eye on your kids. This is also beneficial because it’ll make you stand throughout the work day to keep your blood flowing! (You may need to prop your computer up with a few books / a box but adjust accordingly.) If you’ll be on video chats often, do a test call first. See if the space you’ve created has strong enough wifi, doesn’t echo, and that your backdrop isn’t distracting.



While the hope is that this is all short term, take some time to make your workspace cozy. Bring in a plant from another room, collect all the office supplies you’ll need, and even hang some shelves for organization. Think of what your current office looks like and try to replicate it at home to the best of your ability to increase productivity.


How are you setting up your office for work from home life?


Image Credit To: ( The Lighting Judge )