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How to Boost Your Franklin Home’s Curb Appeal Fast

Need to get your Franklin home ready in a jiffy? We’ve all been there. From listing your home to getting repairs done and last minute projects finished to sell your home, you might have put off getting its exterior in shape. Fear not! With these easy curb appeal-boosting tricks, your Franklin home’s curb appeal will be ready for buyers in just 24 hours.

Plants are your friend.

One of the simplest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal fast is to add plants, specifically potted plants. Plants are not only affordable, but they instantly add a boost to your home’s overall look. All you have to do is purchase them, then place them! Go for a dramatic entrance by putting a few larger potted plants on your porch. You could even add them along your walkway or next to your mailbox to amplify the entrance.

Paint your front door.

Another quick and easy way to boost your Franklin home’s curb appeal is simply with a coat of paint. It’s likely that your home’s front door has taken a beating over the years from normal wear and tear and the weather. Instantly give your front door a face lift with a new coat of paint. For bonus points, choose an eye-catching color like yellow, red or bright blue!

Tend to your lawn.

Simply put, a little goes a long way in your curb appeal when you give your lawn some TLC. Get out your garden shears to tend to your hedges and other bushes that need trimming. Clean out your garden beds of old leaves and debris, then and add some mulch. Of course, you’ll want to give your lawn a fresh cut to seal the deal!

Tidy and clean.

Of course your garden bed isn’t the only area of your curb appeal to get into shape. Start with your windows. With just a little elbow grease and time, you’ll be surprised how much a difference it makes on your home by cleaning up your windows and making them smudge-free. You’ll want to get rent a power washer from your local hardware store, too. From your walkways to your home’s exterior and driveway, the power washer will rid of any built-up grime and make your home look brand new again!

Don’t forget about the finishing touches.

Lastly, if you have some extra time (and funds) to get your Franklin home’s curb appeal into shape in a pinch, don’t forget about the finishing touches that might seem minimal but make a dramatic difference on the overall look of your home’s exterior. First, you could change out your home’s numbers. If you’ve had the old sticker numbers for years, now’s the time to upgrade your house numbers to a nicer material that will give your home a more sophisticated look when buyers see your home. Another finishing touch you could make is it to upgrade your mailbox. A mailbox is often one of the first things a buyer will see as they drive up to your home, so you want to make sure you make a good impression.