During these days, it’s important as ever to stand together even if that means standing socially distant. Community is important. When’s the last time you checked on your neighbor? Here are a few tips to help you be the best neighbor you can be during this season of life:


Give them a call

Such a simple gesture, but a phone call some days makes all the difference. Chat about the day, weather, house projects, you name it. Be a listening ear and show that you care.


Offer to run errands

This is especially important regarding your elderly neighbors! If you can help eliminate any trips out in public for them to help preserve their health, that is exactly what you should do.


Leave encouraging notes

This can be as simple as taping an encouraging letter to their front door or having your children draw some pictures with chalk in the driveway. Spread a little cheer!


Go for a walk

Take a neighborhood stroll with your neighbors. This will allow you both to get some fresh air and it’s a social distance friendly activity, a win for everyone.


Organize car parades

As many schools have done to unite students and teachers, consider having a ‘block party’ drive by parade. Make some signs and crank up the tunes as your car passes by your neighbors.


Spend time together (from a distance)

For your neighbors closest in proximity, spend time together by grabbing a couple camping chairs and sitting out in your front yard!


How are you staying connected with your neighbors during this pandemic? I’d love to hear your unique ideas!