Typically this time of year begins the always eventful summer gatherings. This year will look different; however, it doesn’t mean fun is cancelled by any means!! Have the best barbecues this 4th of July and the rest of the summer with these social distancing party tips:



Encourage guests to bring ‘everything’ they may need for the cookout to your place. This includes food, chairs, and blankets. This takes potluck style to the next level! When everyone brings their own food, you no longer have to worry about food allergies or whether or not your potato salad is going to be a hit. Everyone will be taken care of! Camping chairs are easy to transport and make for quick clean up too.


Play yard games (with gloves)

Corn hole, ladder golf, and all those outdoor summer games you love can still happen! Most of these games are played from a distance anyways, which is perfect for keeping 6 feet apart. To make sure you’re keeping everyone germ free, wear gloves for the games that require shared equipment (i.e. bean bags being tossed back and forth). A great way to create your own fun is to set up your own mini golf course out back! This way everyone can have their own golf ball and own golf club. Minimize sharing equipment when possible.


Create a great playlist

Who doesn’t love a great dance party? All you need is a killer playlist and a speaker. Let the good times roll. Maybe even set up some karaoke!


As always, communicate with your guests about social distancing guidelines to make sure everyone is on the same page. Expect that guests may need to use your restroom. To ensure sanitation, leave wipes or hand sanitizer outside your back door so that people can sanitize upon entering and exiting the home.


What other tips do you have for hosting a party this summer that follows social distancing guidelines? Happy 4th of July!