You have every right to design your home the way you want, from all the bright colors to the unique light fixtures. However, when prepping to sell you home, you need to make a few changes for your buyer.



Buyers are big fans of neutral, pastel, colors. If your child has their room painted a pastel color such as a light pink or yellow, you could even be in the clear because the space is easy/small enough to paint. But that dining room with the deep blue accent wall? It needs to go. Although painting is not necessarily a hard task to conquer as a homeowner, as a potential buyer it’s just another item added to the list that needs to be fixed.


Take the TV Down

In your living room, what’s the focal point? For many of us, we center our furniture pointed towards the television as it makes for great family movie nights and is convenient to watch the evening news. However, subconsciously buyers prefer furniture not to be focused on a television but instead focused on a piece of artwork or other focal point of beauty. If you have two couches in your living room, or a couch and two arm chairs, consider putting them opposite each other.


Outdated Furniture/Finishes

If you’re still living in your current home, consider buying some slip covers for your living room furniture if it is outdated. You may love your lazy boy sofa from 2000 but your potential buyer most likely will not. If you have already moved out of your home, consider renting furniture to stage the room.


Overcrowded Shelves

Even after taking down family photos from shelves, make sure they’re not too full still. Bookcases don’t need to be filled up all the way. In fact, it appears more attractive to buyers when there are only a few design touches on each shelf. Over stacking shelves can appear cluttered and messy (even if it’s neat and clean) which can then translate to the rest of the house.


If you’re not sure what vibe your home is giving off, don’t be afraid to contact your realtor, friend, or family member who didn’t live in the house. They can offer another perspective in order to help you tweak your home to sell faster.


Have any other design tips for selling? Need a realtor’s opinion on your Tennessee home? I’d love to help and learn more about your home. Contact me today!