Bringing color into your home brings life into your space. Neutrals look sleek and modern, but it’s great to add a pop here and there for accent. Wondering how to do this? Try out a few of these color tips on your Franklin home:



The most obvious answer. Head down to the local paint store and pick your favorite shade. We recommend only painting one wall in the desired room in order to make it an accent wall. This will incorporate color into your space without overwhelming the room with the same color. For picking an accent wall, choose the wall which holds the focal point of the room (i.e. the wall your bed stems from in a bedroom, the wall with the vanity on it in the bathroom, etc.).



If you have a wide open space, such as a living room, and you’re not wanting to commit to painting, try out a fun rug! There are many options with designs or solid colors available that will be sure to brighten up your room and add some texture.


Decor Pillows

Add a small pop of color to your bedroom or living room through the pillows. It’s a great, simple way to tie color into the theme of your room.



Hobby Lobby and other craft stores sell flowers in just about every color. Pick up a few bouquets in your color of choice and put them in vases around your home.



Consider giving your furniture a facelift. This could mean painting a desk in the office, dresser in your bedroom, cabinets in the kitchen, or even the coffee table in your living room. Another option for your living room is to reupholster sitting chairs in a fabric of your choosing or a choosing a couch to make a bold statement.


Additionally, the trendy colors for 2020 are various blue hues. Be ahead of your family and friends this year by incorporating this color as an accent into some of your rooms! What’s your favorite way to showcase color within your home?


Note: While all of these are great ways to incorporate color into your home, you may want to refrain from using all of these options at the same time, in the same room…could be a bit overwhelming to the eye.