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5 Tips for Staging Your Home this Winter Season

Selling your home this winter? While many might see this time of year as a shoulder season when home buying slows down, you can actually work this winter season to your advantage! By playing up the scents of the season and embracing the coziness factor, among other home features, you’ll be selling your home in no time. Make your home shine this winter season with these five staging tips.

Get creative with your curb appeal.

Sure, the tulips aren’t blooming and your garden beds might be looking a little more drab instead of multicolored, but you can easily take advantage of the winter season to play up your curb appeal. Use seasonal items around your front doorway such as mini evergreens on either side of your door. You might arrange some pine cones in large vases or hang a cheery wreath on your door. This also goes without saying that you should tidy your yard, garden beds and your gutters to be clear of all of the debris from the past season.

Warm up your home.

If you’re like many homeowners, you turn the thermostat down at certain times of the day in order to save on your electricity bills. That’s OK, but make sure you have it cranked up when you have buyers touring your home. If buyers sense your home is too brisk, they’ll start thinking that you have heating problems or just want to leave the home tour altogether, which is not what you want as a seller. Don’t let them think twice about your home this winter season, and warm up your home well ahead of time.

This goes for your fireplace, too.

Not only do fireplaces evoke a sense of coziness and an overall inviting environment, but when you have a fire going during a tour, buyers get to see this feature of your home in action. Plus, having a fire going is a great home staging tool to have during the winter season because it triggers buyers’ senses and will make the tour even more memorable.

Play up the scents of the season.

Speaking of senses, from pine to spices, there are several ways that you can stage your home via the senses. You might have a fresh-cut wreath on your door or a live pine garland draping down the fireplace; both of these elements are great because they are not too powerful, yet they emit a fresh pine scent. You could also heat spices on the stove as well or even have a hot pot of coffee going. Each of these are cozy elements that make your home more welcoming and will leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Keep the holiday decor to a minimum.

Even though the holidays are soon over, you might have some lingering items in your home before the New Year. If so, just make sure to keep your holiday decor to a minimum, putting away any tacky inflatables and similar decor items. A decorated tree and mantel with a faux fur throw on your couch is a the perfect way to stage your home for the winter season.