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5 Homebuying Tips for a Smooth, Quick Military Move

It’s not uncommon for military moves to require swift decision-making when it comes to the homebuying process. When you’re in the military, you have come to expect these kinds of sudden changes in your location leaving you with little time to find your next home. Have no fear! Here are five tips to ensure a smooth process when you have to make a quick military move.

1. Get preapproved.

Mortgage preapproval gives the seller the thumbs up that you’re eligible and able to purchase their home. Plus, your preapproval amount gives you an idea of what you can afford before you fall in love with a home that’s out of your price range.

2. Be frugal with your spending.

While your credit has been assessed during the preapproval process, this doesn’t mean that you should start spending out the wazoo. Of course a quick military move will come with the unexpected moving expenses, but try to refrain from opening additional lines of credit when making purchases. In addition, make sure you are on top of your credit card bill payments.

3. Do your research.

Now that you’ve narrowed down how much you can spend on a home, it’s time to narrow down the neighborhood. Luckily, much of this helpful information is posted online. You can find crime rates, calculate work commute times via Google Maps and even research a neighborhood’s school district. Sites like GreatSchools.org give a full report to show you how local schools measure up academically, how they accommodate the needs of all their students as well as student’to-teacher ratio, among other insightful statistics.

4. Tour homes virtually.

Sure, you don’t have the luxury of being physically present at home showings, however you can do much of your research online via video and drone tours. Another nifty way to tour a home virtually is to ask your agent if he or she can use Skype or FaceTime and walk through the home while you ‘tour’ it in real-time. These live video tours can also help you better understand the scale of the rooms.

5. Don’t forget about selling your current home.

If you own your current home, don’t allow its selling process to be forgotten. When it comes to selling your home during a quick military move, you have to be a little more strategic. Make sure to hire a trusted and experienced real estate agent to help you price the home. Then go above and beyond to sell quicker. Since you won’t have much time to do the staging, hire a professional home stager who can assist you in this vital step. Then, once you start receiving offers, be open to negotiation. After all, you need to sell quick since you’re buying a new home elsewhere!