5 Home Tasks to Increase Your Resale Value this Season

While this time of year is often the busiest, whether you’re going out of town to be with family, hosting a holiday party or attending a seasonal soiree, your home can increase in value with a little elbow grease. From servicing your HVAC to assessing your windows, these home tasks can be accomplished now to increase your resale value! Even if you don’t plan on listing your home in the New Year, here are five home tasks to do now that can increase your resale value.

Maintain your curb appeal.

Thank yourself later when you cross this home task off of your list. Just because the lawn mowing season has come and gone doesn’t mean you should begin neglecting your curb appeal. Take an honest look at the front of your house. Is the paint peeling? Are there weeds in your garden beds? Take the time now’before temperatures really dip’to paint your shutters or trim, for example, in order to protect your home from the winter weather and keep it in tip-top shape.

Service your HVAC and other systems.

Regularly maintaining your HVAC and other major systems in the home is one of the key tasks to increase your home’s resale value this season. Not only do these routine checks give you a peace of mind knowing everything is functioning, but you’ll be able to show the future buyers a maintenance record, which will reassure them that everything is in working order. Plus, as a homeowner, it’s better that you find smaller issues now before they get too out of hand had your systems gone unserviced.

That goes for your roof, too.

Your roof is one of the most crucial home tasks to accomplish this season. With all the wear and tear that occurred over the year, you want to make sure that your roof is regularly serviced at the start of this season. Hire a professional, or you can look for warning signs including cracks, damaged tiles, moss growth, etc. If you’re seeing any damage, you will want to have these addressed and repaired. Leaving these roof tasks undone could lead to bigger problems down the road including mold and even foundation damage, which undoubtedly lowers your home’s resale value.

Assess your windows.

Upgraded windows are a major plus when it comes to your home’s resale value. Even though you might not think having new windows will be of benefit to you, they are known to issue more than 80 percent return on your investment! Not only do they have such a high ROI but you can enjoy your new windows as a homeowner, too. You’ll have lowered energy costs, your heat will stay put in the winter, and when the summer months roll around, your precious cool air won’t escape. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Check for lingering water.

Water is your worst enemy as a homeowner. Do a walk-through and a walk-around of your home this season’and really every season’to ensure you don’t have any lingering water in and around your home. Water leads to moisture, which leads to mold, leakage and in turn foundation problems or even termites. Check your home for lingering water to ensure you don’t have to endure these escalated issues.