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5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Upkeep When Selling

Are you in the process of selling your home? Even if you already have multiple offers on the table, now’s not the time to let loose and surrender your routine home maintenance tasks for the next buyer to handle.

Even if selling your home is a long way off, here are the core home maintenance tasks you should upkeep to save yourself from problematic surprises.

Upkeep your landscaping.

After a long winter, chances are that there are piles of leaves, sticks and other debris that’s collected in your yard. Upkeeking your landscaping is a crucial home maintenance task that should not be overlooked since this is what gives your home its curb appeal. This is especially important when selling since this the first thing that buyers will see when they drive up’or by’your home.

Maintain your gutters and roof.

Your gutters and roof are an area that often goes overlooked, but don’t allow this home maintenance task out of your sight! Did you know that unmaintained gutters could eventually damage your home’s foundation? Make sure you are routinely removing any pine needles, leaves and other debris from your gutters. When it comes to your roof, don’t wait until the home inspection to see if it’s up to par. Have a professional come and access your roof before you place your home on the market. A neglected roof will have cracks, which can lead to water build-up in your home’s walls or ceilings.

Regularly have your heating systems serviced.

From your furnace and baseboard heaters to your chimney, you want to have these systems routinely serviced to ensure they’re properly and safely working for you or the next owner. Having annual inspections will keep you in the know for these areas of your home since they often go unseen . . . until they break.

Make sure that critters can’t enter your home.

Take a careful look at the exterior of your home to ensure there are no holes or damaged siding where any sort of pests could enter. Then, look inside to make sure you have all areas plugged up, too. Check out your dryer vent, attic, garage and other areas you don’t typically frequent.

Keep your windows in tip-top shape.

Cleaning your windows doesn’t have be reserved for the springtime! If you’re selling your home and buyers see that you don’t upkeep your windows, they might be wondering what else you’re not keeping tidy. Don’t allow any grime to accumulate and make cleaning your windows part of your home maintenance checklist.