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4 Tips for Updating Your Split-Level Home in Franklin

Split-level homes were very popular in the 70s, and you might even be living in one right now! This style of home is known for having staggered floor levels with a couple sets of staircases and a flowing interior. However, over the years, your split-level home might have become outdated. If you’re not looking to move anytime soon but wondering how to improve your home to make it more modern, this is for you! Here are four tips for updating and modernizing your split-level home in Franklin.

1. Change up the surface.

Because these homes already have two surface types, typically siding and brick, most of the job is done since modern homes also echo these surfaces. All you have to do is use a little stucco, or plaster, to cover right over your siding to make it more smooth and clean. Then for your other surface, use natural stone or similar materials to get that change in surface texture, yet with a more updated and fresh look.

2. Swap out your windows.

Another area that takes up a lot of real estate on your split-level home in Franklin is your windows. Typically, this style of home have single-hung windows that will slide from the bottom to the top in order to open them as well as smaller grids in the glass. You can quickly modernize your home by investing in new windows that are much more contemporary. Look to windows such as casement windows, horizontal sliding windows or even fixed glass windows to achieve this.

3. Reconsider your roof.

When it comes to the roof of your updated split-level home, you want to think smooth and sleek. One way to approach this is to embrace a metal roof. Metal roofs not only will give your home a fresh breath of air aesthetically, but they these roofs also cut down on your cooling costs by 10’25 percent! From an environmental standpoint, they’re also 100 percent recyclable later down the road. If you don’t like the look of a metal roof and prefer shingles, consider choosing them in a darker color so that you achieve a uniform look for your roof.

4. Accessorize with lighting.

Changing up the lighting is the perfect way to modernize and accessorize your Franklin home, regardless of whether or not it is in the split-level style. Though, because there are varying levels for your split-level home, this presents the perfect opportunity to accessorize and illuminate these areas. For the second level, recessed lighting is known to do well as they embellish the exterior walls of your first level. For your doorways and around the garage door, adding some modern sconces instantly add a whole new level of chic to your home. Then when it comes to the pathways and landscaping, there are plenty of path light styles available to fit a variety of interests, from LED to solar-powered.