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4 Tips for Staging your Franklin Home this Winter

Selling your Franklin home this winter? While the winter season can appear like a more difficult time to stage your home, you can actually use this time of year to your advantage. Here are four tips that you can use when you are selling and staging your Franklin home this winter!

Tend your curb appeal.

You already know that curb appeal is the first impression that your home makes on a buyer, and selling your home during the winter is no different. Even if the flowers and trees aren’t adorned in greenery, you can still make your yard shine! For starters, trim back any overgrown hedges and any dangling tree branches left over from a storm. You won’t have to mow your lawn this time of year, but you might take care to it by raking up any fallen leaves. If there has been a recent snowfall, make sure to shovel your driveway as well as the pathway walking up to your home. Lastly, freshen up your front porch area. You might paint your door in a bright color, add a new kick plate or numbers, or install a new sconce to make your curb appeal truly shine.

Play up the wintry decor.

The winter season is the perfect time of year to go all in when it comes to home decor. Add plush pillows in jewel tone hues like emerald and royal blue. Incorporate cozy throws on your couches to evoke a homey feel. Have a neatly organized area for all of the winter essentials such as a boot tray and coat rack. Though the holidays are over, you can still add in red elements that nod to the season but aren’t too flashy, such as berry branches arranged in a vase.

Don’t be afraid to adjust the temperature.

While it’s wise to keep your thermostat lower to save on your Franklin home’s electric bill, buyers won’t necessarily be thinking about your budgeting efforts if they’re meandering through a frigid home. Well before buyers arrive, make sure to turn up the heat in your home. You don’t want buyers wondering about whether or not the heat works or if they’ll have to repair something in the near future. You might take a walk around your home to seal up any drafts you are noticing as well.

Show off your fireplace.

When adding to the warmth of your Franklin home, why not show off your fireplace during the open house? Having a fire going is a great way to add a warm ambience to your home while also reassuring buyers that it’s a working fireplace and not just decorative. Just make sure that you have a screen for your fireplace to assist buyers as they’re walking within its vicinity.