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4 Tips for Keeping Up with Your Budding Neighborhood

Do you live in an older home in an up-and-coming neighborhood? Or perhaps you’ve lived in your home for a while and have gotten comfortable with its appearance while your neighbors have been busy updating and renovating theirs. Whichever the case may be, any homeowner knows that routine maintenance has to be done in order to upkeep a home, especially if it’s older. However, in order to remain consistent and retain home value within your community, you’ve got to keep up with The Joneses in some ways. Here are four tips for keeping up with your budding neighborhood.

1. Attend open houses within your neighborhood.

Wondering where to start in terms of keeping up with your budding neighborhood? Attend the open houses. When you attend open houses, you’ll be able to see what kind of updates your neighbors have been up to, especially if they’re selling right now. And if these homes on the market are going for a much higher price tag due to renovations, you’ll know if you should update your kitchen or master bath, for example.

2. Don’t fall back on your curb appeal.

If you’re not able to jump on your long list of home renovations just yet, there’s always some updating you can do to the exterior of your home and upkeep your curb appeal in your budding neighborhood. How does your yard look? Stay on top of mowing your yard, trimming the hedges and removing any fallen debris. Seek out the assistance of your local nursery to find out which plants flourish well in your climate and area. And don’t forget about your siding and roof. Keep these areas spic and span to shine in your up-and-coming neighborhood.

3. Update your home on a budget.

Don’t have an excess amount of funds lying around to install a whole new set of kitchen cabinets? You’re not alone. If you have a tighter budget, you can still update your home to make a big impact on little funds. For example, repainting your home and doors is an easy, affordable and quick way to update your home within your budding neighborhood. When it comes to your hardwood flooring, you might opt to refinish it instead of completely replacing the hardwood. If you’re looking to update your flooring, materials such as laminate, vinyl and porcelain are great wood alternatives that are also durable and chic.

4. Never stop maintaining your home.

Of course the easiest way to stick out in your neighborhood is to fall behind in maintenance. And if you’re planning on selling soon, you won’t be able to fool buyers, either. Ensure that you’re regularly maintaining your home from your roof to your plumbing and crawl space. Hire specialized professionals to visit your home and reassess these areas every year or season, depending on how often they recommend. This way, you won’t run into bigger problems later down the road.