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4 Tips for Getting Your Franklin Home to Sell Now

When your home has been sitting on the market for quite some time, you might begin wondering, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ If your home hasn’t sold after 30 days of being on the market, it’s time to rework your strategy. From marketing your home in a new way to staging your home, here are four tips for getting your Franklin home to sell now!

Lower your price.

Depending on what price you set your home at when you put it on the market, you could have priced it too high to begin with. And you’re not alone. Many sellers often have to reduce their asking price at least once. Experts recommend reducing your home after about three weeks. Seek out the help of your trusted real estate agent to price your home correctly this time.

Change up your marketing strategy.

Perhaps you’ve accurately priced your Franklin home correctly the first time, but your home is still hanging on the market. It could be your marketing strategy. If you have a more unique home with unconventional upgrades or layouts, you’ll have to approach your marketing strategy differently. Instead of marketing your home as a standard, family home with extra kitchens and living rooms, you might add a positive spin by saying it’s a unique home with multiple kitchens and living rooms with plenty of room for hosting all of those family gatherings! The key is to remind yourself why you were interested in the home when you bought it, and use this to motivate the next buyer. It might take a little more time than average to see your unique home sold, so just be patient!

Stage your home.

You’ve heard of the benefits of staging one’s home: It’s the key to selling your Franklin home faster and for more profit. If you’ve skimped on the staging aspect of your home, now’s the time to revamp your home for the next buyer. Step back and take an honest look at your home and see if anything jumps out at you. Chances are the next buyer will easily catch these flaws, too. If you see paint chipping or your walls are scuffed, it’s time to get the paint brush out. If your home is too cluttered, remove some items into a storage area so that buyers can envision themselves living in your home . . . without all of your stuff.

Don’t treat your curb appeal like an afterthought.

Just as staging your home is preparing the interior to look its best to appeal to buyers, the same can be said for your curb appeal as it presents your home to buyers via the exterior. Tending to your lawn and having general landscaping is known to greatly increase the return on your investment, every time. Even if that means raking the lawn, trimming your lawn and hedges, cleaning out your flower beds and adding a few plants in, this will make a world of difference instead of leaving your lawns unkempt. You’ll get added bonus points if you paint your front door, add a new doormat or add some landscape lighting.