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4 Tasks for Winterizing Your Franklin Home

November is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your home. It’s important to prepare your home for the winter weather in order to protect it against dropping temperatures as well as any storms that may arise in this upcoming season. Here are four tasks to take care of when winterizing your Franklin home for the season ahead.

Clean up your yard, roof and gutters.

First, let’s think about the outside of your home: your yard, roof and gutters. When it comes to your yard, you want to stow away any outdoor furniture that cannot withstand the cold temperatures. This could include furniture and decorative elements, even your hanging string lights from this past summer. Of course, stow away any lingering yard tools as you won’t need them during below freezing temperatures. When it comes to your roof and gutters, this area has been the catchall area for fallen leaves and sticks from the fall season. Ensure your gutters and roof are cleared of debris so that buildup does not occur causing water leakage and additional damage to your Franklin home.

Have your chimney swept.

Before you’re ready to start a fire in your wood-burning fireplace or flip the switch to your gas fireplace, you want to ensure that it’s serviced ahead of time. Now is the perfect time to have a professional come and sweep your chimney, ensuring there is no leftover debris, such as buildup or even animal nests. Using your fireplace with a blockage in your chimney could cause harmful carbon monoxide to enter your home. Servicing your chimney annually is one of the top tasks to complete when you are winterizing your Franklin home.

Seal your attic.

Did you know that the most heat loss from your home occurs in your attic? That’s right! This is why you want to ensure every nook and cranny of your attic is sealed and insulated to prevent that precious heat from escaping as well as your energy bills from skyrocketing. Take a stroll around your attic to see if you feel any cool air leaking in. Seal these areas with new insulation material to prevent heat from escaping. You can also use caulk for those spaces between your attic and the rooms beneath. For one final seal, add weatherstripping around the entryway of your attic.

Locate the drafts.

Over the years, wear and tear on your windows and doors have likely occurred, which means this presents the opportunity for drafts or air to leak into your home. Walk around your home, holding your hand around windows and doors to locate drafts in your Franklin home. Use caulk around windows to seal these areas as well as insulated curtains to contain the heat in your home. When it comes to your doors, weatherstripping is very affordable and can be easily removed and replaced. There are many types of weatherstripping, and your local hardware store associate will be able to assist you in choosing the best fit for your door. If you’re noticing drafts around your outlets, you can use foam outlet sealers to insulate these areas as well.