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4 Steps to Getting Over Home Heartbreak

What’s home heartbreak exactly? Picture this: You’ve toured the home, placed the offer and begun to scour Pinterest for how you’ll decorate your new home . . . then you receive the news. You didn’t get the home. If you’re a homeowner (or you’re on your way to becoming a first-time homeowner), it’s likely you’ve encountered this disappointment at some point during the home search. When it strikes, here are four steps to overcoming home heartbreak so you can continue your journey to finding your dream home.

1. Take some time to decompress.

With heartache, it will take some to decompress from the loss of what could have been. And yes, this also applies to a home you envisioned yourself living in. It takes a lot of energy to put in an offer on a home. You’ve likely searched for weeks, or even months, before placing an offer and not getting your dream home can be disheartening. Take some time to decompress for a few days or weeks depending on what your time frame looks like for having to lock down a home. Recharge. Don’t look at another listing during this time. Dabble in your hobbies or spend time with loved ones to take your mind off of the home heartbreak.

2. Stop reminding yourself of the home.

From bookmarked listings on your computer and home search sites to loose papers detailing the lost home, it’s important to stop reminding yourself of the home that could have been but is not. Reminders only bring more heartache. This also means you might want to avoid “accidentally” finding yourself driving by the home to check the progress of the home sale.

3. Learn from your experience.

Thankfully, home heartbreak has a purpose, which means you can learn from the experience to gauge how you should approach the house hunt once it resumes. Do you think you could have placed a better offer? Was this home actually out of your budget, and you were hoping to just make it work? Of course, this also allows you to step back to observe the home itself. Did you truly like the neighborhood? Did you like the home’s layout and style? While you lost out on a home offer, you didn’t lose out on some knowledge. Take this experience and turn it into a growth opportunity to change your strategy for the future.

4. Begin again.

Once you’ve learned from your experience and grieved over your home heartbreak, the next thing to do is begin the househunting process again. You’ll soon find yourself loving other homes that you’ll forget about the other one you were fixated upon. Now’s the time to contact your real estate agent to help you with your home search, and you’ll surely find the perfect home for you in due time.