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4 Smart Upgrades for Your Franklin Home

From light bulbs to your thermostat, it can be easy to quickly become entangled in the world of smart home upgrades. Have you been slow to jump on the bandwagon of home automation and lean more tech-savvy? When you’re ready to begin your research on home automation, rest assured you can refer to this roundup of four smart upgrades for your Franklin home.


Perhaps one of the most common tech-savvy upgrades for one’s home is the smart thermostat. Smart thermostats have become increasingly popular because the user can increase or decrease the temperatures from a device, whether they are home or not! This is beneficial to keep energy bills low and for your convenience if you’re out of town and need to adjust the temperature of your Franklin home. Plus, smart thermostats are known to adhere to the temperature outside as well as learn the schedule of your home so that it increases or decreases at preferred times.

Home security

An automated home security system is another one of the most common smart upgrades for one’s home. Whether you use your phone or a tablet, you can access home security features from your device, even if you’re on the go. With home security automation, you can lock your door, secure your home with an alarm and more. You can even view live video coverage of several points inside or outside of your Franklin home from your personal device depending on where you place a camera. This smart home feature gives homeowners peace of mind whether they’re out for a quick grocery story run or out of town for an extended amount of time.


In the realm of home security, smart light bulbs have also been on the rise when it comes to smart upgrades for your Franklin home. Users can turn lights on or off wherever your home is installed with smart LED light bulbs’all by using an app on your phone. And since you can turn your lights on or off with the click of a button, this makes it appear like you are home if you are out of town. Aside from a security aspect, smart light bulbs are also much more energy-efficient and cut down on your energy bills. They also have a longer life span, but you should be prepared for the higher price tag.


With streaming music, podcasts and audiobooks constantly on our phones, you’ll certainly enjoy the benefits of audio installed throughout your whole house. Homeowners enjoy this smart upgrade as they’ll never have to hit pause on their favorite song, podcast or book as they travel from room to room. With Bluetooth, this ensures you can stream seamlessly without skipping a beat, all by the controls at your actual fingertips.