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4 Practical Ways to Build Community with Your Neighbors

Whether you’ve lived in your neighborhood for years or you’ve just moved into your home and are looking to build community, this doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. From hosting your neighbors to organizing a carpool with the neighborhood kids, here are four practical ways that you can build community with your neighbors.

1. Open up your home and host your neighbors.

There are plenty of ways to build community with your neighbors, and perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this is to invite them into your home. From a weekend brunch to a potluck, these sort of environments make it easy to mingle and chat over a meal. You might even host your event around a theme, such as the Super Bowl, a holiday or a cocktail party, where everyone brings light bites to share. Whatever the theme, sharing a meal with your neighbors is an easy way to encourage conversation and encourage community.

2. Organize a carpool with the neighborhood kids.

Having an organized carpool with the neighborhood kids is not only appreciated by parents, but it’s also a natural way to meet other parents. To organize a carpool, you could create an online poll, through sites like Doodle, in order to figure out everyone’s availability. Once you have this information, use a tool, like Google calendar, where you can schedule everyone for their designated days, then send them a calendar invite that goes straight to their email or phones. This way, you get to meet the parents of the neighborhood and your kids get to make new friends.

3. Host a movie night.

Another fun, yet practical, way to connect with your neighbors involves two things: a projection screen and your backyard. Invite your neighbors and their kids over for family friendly movie projected on the back of your house or garage! All you have to do is use a large cloth to act as a backdrop for the movie and a projector. Your neighbors can bring popcorn and snacks while everyone enjoys this neighborly treat while they build community.

4. Start a club.

Whether your interests lean more to books, wine or beer, there are many shared interests that can spark the start of a club to quickly build community among your neighbors. Set the rules for the club, whether that means you read one book a month and come to discuss it, or you bring a bottle of wine to share with the club. Then you might rotate homes so that everyone takes turns hosting the club meetings.