4 Mudroom and Mud Space Ideas for Your Franklin Home Stormberg Group Blog

4 Mudroom and Mud Space Ideas for Your Franklin Home

Thinking of adding onto or installing a mudroom/mud space in your home? Traditionally, mudrooms are designated spaces used for storing your coats, boots, clothes and any other items that could track in debris. And during the winter months, there’s a lot more debris that’s likely to be tracked in among a wintry mix of snow, rain and leaves, which makes them crucial for the season. Nowadays, mudrooms might even be a combo laundry room or other storage room that’s thoughtfully designed instead of an afterthought. Wondering where to start when it comes to your home’s mudroom or mud space? Here are four ideas to consider when you’re looking to reimagine a mudroom for your Franklin home.

1. Install your own mudroom.

Not all Franklin homes are equipped with a designated mudroom. If you’re set on adding a mudroom onto your home, ensure that it will look like a natural addition to your home and will fit with your home’s overall aesthetic. You’ll have to consider matching flooring, baseboards, cubby spaces to hold shoes, coats and other items. Depending on the function you would like for your mudroom (e.g. a combo laundry room or storage room), the price will of course fluctuate, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny on your addition.

2. Reimagine your entryway.

Many homeowners forego the option of installing a whole separate mudroom, and instead, use the space they do have in their entryway. Since your entryway will now become a makeshift mudroom, or mud space, make sure to equip this area with storage units and any other items that will help organize your day-to-day items and keep the debris at bay. Items like coat racks, for example, are not bulky and can be pushed into a corner; yet it will corral all of the coats, scarves and hats of the season. Additionally, consider either building out a bench to go against the wall when you walk in or simply placing a stylish bench in this space to assist with taking off your boots as well as storage. A bench with hidden storage is the perfect place to store shoes, winter essentials including mittens and hats and other seasonal items. You might even add a boot tray in this space to dry your boots and to protect your flooring.

3. Cubbies are your friend.

Regardless of whether or not your Franklin home will have a designated mudroom or more of a makeshift mud space, cubbies will certainly be your friend. All you need is a shelving unit that can hold baskets to contain all of the loose items that you and your family need access to throughout the week, but you don’t want them necessarily getting lost around the home. Think of items like your kid’s backpack, car keys, school assignments and more. If you need more space for larger items, like coats, ‘lockers’ are known to be very popular storage spaces in mudrooms.

4. Don’t forget about your floors.

You want the floors of your mudroom or mud space to be able to withstand snow, ice, rain and any other dirt or grime that will be tracked in. If you’re building your mudroom from scratch, consider materials like slate, ceramic and vinyl as they’ll be able to withstand any wear and tear, are durable and are very easy to clean. If you already have hardwood floors, and you don’t plan on taking them up, add an outdoor rug or runner to your space so that it will not trap moisture or dirt and produce mold later down the road. Outdoor rugs are also very easy to clean making them perfect for your mud space.