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4 Kid-Friendly Features to Look for in the Home Search

Parents or soon-to-be parents all know there are a few things to be concerned about when on the house hunt. They’ll need extra rooms for the growing family. A highly rated school district is on the list. Proximity to neighborhood parks and playgrounds is a big perk as well. However, there are some kid-friendly features you might not think of when it comes to looking for your next home. Here are four kid-friendly home features to keep on your radar during the home search.

Open floor plan

Homeowners love the open floor plan for entertaining purposes, but this home feature is also kid-friendly. When kids are in those additional play rooms, they’re likely out of sight. But when you have an open floor plan, you’re able to have areas for them to play in the living room for instance while you can still see them from the kitchen as you’re putting away groceries.

Location of bedrooms

Having a master suite on the first floor sounds wonderful, right? Not when you have kids and all of their rooms are upstairs. If you have older kids, you might be willing to be OK with this. However, if you have newborns, running up and down the stairs several times each day will likely be less than ideal for you. Instead, look for a home where all of the bedrooms are on the same floor, whether that be upstairs or in a one-story home.

View of the backyard

Having an easy view to the backyard is another kid-friendly home feature to think about during your house hunt. Just like having an open floor plan makes it easier to supervise your children, when you can easily view the backyard from multiple rooms you’ll be relieved knowing they’re within sight.


Living in proximity to great restaurants and other walkable amenities are important to a homeowner, but when looking for kid-friendly home features, safely walking in the neighborhood becomes of more importance. This is why when you are on the house hunt, look for a neighborhood that has sidewalks. Sidewalks act as an additional barrier, other than your front yard, especially if you live in a high-traffic area.