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4 Healthy Habits for Keeping Your Franklin Home Clean

Among kids, pets, the mail pile, trekking in leaves from the fall weather and more, keeping your home clean seems like an insurmountable feat. And if thinking of keeping your home in shape when guests begin arriving for extended weekends during the holidays or for your next holiday soiree is stressing you out, you’re not alone! Here are four healthy habits to start now in order to keep your Franklin home clean at all times.

Clean while you’re cooking.

We all know that there is some down time when cooking a meal’when the onions are sizzling or when you’re waiting for the water to finally boil. Instead of pressing play on that TV show while you wait, why not tidy the countertops or clean the lingering dishes already in the sink? The worst part about a meal is having to clean up after enjoying it. And to prevent dirty dishes from rolling over into the next day or few days, cleaning while you’re cooking is a great healthy habit to start now, especially when all of the holiday cooking commences.

Don’t allow your surfaces to pile up.

Whether it’s your coffee table getting heaps of magazines thrown on top or your kitchen counter getting everything from mail to kids’ toys and other knick-knacks, the easiest way to avoid a mountain of debris is to put away items as you get them. Perhaps that means you have a designated day each week you tackle the kitchen counter, bedroom side table or coffee table. To help with the clutter, you might have a catchall dish to corral all of those items that need to be within reach but would otherwise look messy if left in a pile. Whatever you need to do, organize these areas of your home so you don’t have to spend hours navigating through it a month from now.

Clean for a short amount of time every day.

Cleaning every day sounds impossible, but it’s not if you dedicate a sliver of time to do so each day. This could be as much as 20 to 30 minutes or as little as 10 minutes. In fact, get the whole family to join in and make it a race! Put on some fun music and announce that it’s time to do the 10-minute clean-up of the day! While it seems like a fraction of time, doing this every day cuts down on hours of chores over the weekend leaving more time for you and your loved ones to relax instead.

Clean and organize the fridge on a weekly basis.

Another healthy habit to start embracing for your Franklin home now is to clean and organize the fridge! Between leftover dinners to half-eaten bananas and yogurt cups from your kids, it’s easy to say that the fridge takes a beating throughout the week. Don’t allow those half-eaten fruits or leftovers to linger in your fridge well past the recommended time frame, which is between three and four days. Do your research to see which foods can stay for a shorter or longer amount of time in the fridge. There are also numerous ways to organize your fridge. You could label items that you’ve opened so that you remember how long they have been in use (e.g. chicken broth or buttermilk). You could also have designated areas or shelves for your food so that you can easily locate items. You might organize by leftovers, fruit, veggies, meats and cheese, sodas, condiments and drink mixers, to start.