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4 Fall To Dos for Your Franklin Home’s Yard and Garden

The fall season is officially here! This of course means it’s the perfect time to go apple picking, pumpkin choosing and tailgating for your favorite football team. While it’s easy to get swept up in all of the fall fun, make sure to not neglect your Franklin home and yard. Not sure where to start when it comes to yard maintenance? Fear not! Here are four fall to dos to keep on your radar when it comes to maintaining your Franklin home‘s yard.

Tidy your garden beds and yard.

The best place to start when it comes to giving your home a thorough cleaning for the fall season is of course by doing a bit of tidying! Begin by pruning any perennials so that you can prepare them for winter and have a flourishing season come next spring and summer. Make sure that you research how to prune your perennials before taking your shears to them as each has their own unique method for pruning. Next, remove any debris including fallen branches, dead leaves and dead plants to make way for new flowers or simply to just tidy your yard.

Get to planting.

Once you’ve finished the pruning and cleaning of your Franklin home‘s yard, you can move on to planting fall flowers such as mums, pansies and asters. These give your garden beds and yard some color during the season. Plus, once the season is over, you can winterize mums and asters, and they’ll return the following fall season.

Choose the best mulch for your garden beds.

From composted leaves to shredded bark and pine straw, it can be easy to become confused about which kind of mulch is best for your garden and landscaping beds. When it comes to fall to dos for your vegetable and overall flowering garden beds, it’s recommended to use composted leaves. These are best since they essentially feed your garden beds during the dormant weather season. For general landscaping areas, garden experts recommend bark, and for your shrubs, like azaleas, these are best protected by pine straw.

Stow away your pots and seasonal equipment.

Once you’ve finished all of your fall to dos for your Franklin home yard and garden, it’s time to stow away your pots and items you won’t need until the spring season. Bring in your potted plants so they do not frost. Plus, this also protects your pots so they do not crack during a frost. For your seasonal equipment, think hoses and small gardening tools that won’t get any use during the winter. Of course, be sure to keep the rake and snow shovel within reach for the coming months.