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4 Budget-Friendly Ways for a Kitchen Remodel in Franklin

Remodeling projects are no easy feat. From the time it takes to complete them to the budget it takes to fund them, and then the research needed to be done to do it yourself or hire a contractor, the process can become overwhelming from the get-go. Luckily, there are some factors you can control like your budget. When you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, here are four budget-friendly ways to bring new life into this room of your Franklin home without breaking the bank.

Get your paint on.

One of the foolproof budget-friendly ways to do a kitchen remodel is achieved by getting your paint on! Paint quickly transforms your current kitchen in just a few hours and can take your kitchen from outdated to a chic complement to your abode. Perhaps you went a little crazy with the white trend and painted everything in your home. Quickly break from this mold by including warm neutral tones or have fun with the paint, get the stencils out, and create a unique pattern on one wall.

Update your cabinets.

While you have the paint and paintbrushes out, this is the perfect opportunity to take them to your kitchen cabinets. That’s right’you don’t necessarily have to install brand new cabinets to get that updated look you’ve been wanting for your kitchen remodel. For one, you could give your cabinets a new paint job! You can do this yourself or you can hire a contractor to professionally paint them; either way, this is much more affordable then completely gutting out your Franklin home‘s kitchen cabinets. Another way to upgrade them on the fly is to change out the hardware. Consider brushed nickel for your new cabinet hardware as it’s trending and timeless. With just a screwdriver and new knobs and pulls, your cabinets will be completely transformed.

Upgrade your lighting.

A dim kitchen is a drab kitchen, which means that if you update your lighting and bring more light into the space, it’ll make a crucial difference. If you don’t have many windows allowing natural light, try installing budget-friendly under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates your backsplash and countertops without being too bulky and noticeable. You’ll quickly notice more of a warmth in your kitchen, plus it will appear more spacious now that there’s more lighting. You might even install decorative sconces on either side of your kitchen sink for a neat design element that’s modern, yet practical.

Rethink your doors.

Have you always wanted more of an open, flowing ambiance in the kitchen of your Franklin home? Rethink your doors. Removing your kitchen doors altogether encourages more of a flow in and out of this room, and it’s also perfect for entertaining. If you’re not ready to forego a door altogether, sliding barn doors have become very popular and invoke a welcoming, whimsical entry into your kitchen. In the realm of doors, you could also remove some of your kitchen cabinet doors, exposing your dishes to have open shelving. You might even remove a set of cabinets altogether and hang a set of shelves to show off your glassware or even a neat vignette of art and other kitschy items.