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4 Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Living Room in Franklin

Thinking of sprucing up your living room? Perhaps you’re wanting to check off one last home project before the end of the summer. Luckily, renovating your living room doesn’t have to break the bank or even take too long! With a little elbow grease and a modest budget, you’ll have an updated living room in no time. Here are four affordable ways to renovate your living room in Franklin before summer ends.

1. Create a new layout.

Oftentimes, renovating your living room lies in using what you already have: your furniture. With a little rearranging and repositioning of your furniture, your living room could look like a whole new room within minutes! A great way to get started is to draw a makeshift layout of your living room on paper, drawing your furniture to ‘rearrange’ the pieces before breaking a sweat. Decide what you want your focal point of your room to be. Is it the fireplace, a large scale piece of art or a stunning velvet couch? Whatever the focal point is, work your other pieces around it to create an inviting and chic room. You might even pull pieces from other rooms or remove current pieces altogether to another room to create a new look.

2. Install some built-ins or other shelving.

While some Franklin homes already come equipped with built-in bookshelves, you might consider installing a set to add more appeal to your living room. Built-in bookshelves are great because they serve three purposes. They add a very custom look to your home if the layout feels ordinary or cookie-cutter. Secondly, they are a great place to display your knick knacks, family photos, souvenirs from traveling and more. Lastly, if your built-ins have enclosed cabinets at the bottom of them, this acts as another storage space that you don’t always want displayed, be it board games or seasonal throw blankets. Custom built-ins can cost a couple thousand dollars. If that is more than you’d like to spend, consider opting for a nice set of shelves from Ikea, which you can situate side-by-side to appear like built-ins without breaking the bank.

3. Rethink your flooring.

Your flooring is another large area of space that takes up your living room, and when you switch it up, it makes all the difference on this room’s overall appearance. For starters, assess your flooring. Do you have carpet? Perhaps you want to remove this and install some hardwood or alternative flooring that is more affordable. If you have hardwood, you could refinish the floors or even stain it in a new shade. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a floor change, adding a fun rug is an easy and quick way to change the ambiance of a room while on a budget.

4. Change up your walls.

Oftentimes a fresh coat of paint will do the trick to revamp and renovate your living room in Franklin. You could add a bold color for the whole room or even go for an accent wall in your living room that pops! Painting your living room is perhaps the second most affordable option when it comes to renovating this room as all you will need is some paint, brushes, rollers and dropcloths. If you want to change up your walls even further, consider adding some fun wallpaper! Wallpaper is unique because you can easily welcome a new print, texture or color within a weekend’s time.