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3 Ways to Simplify Your Landscaping Maintenance in Franklin

We’re in the peak of the summer season! From your yard to your garden beds, they’re likely all flourishing and in peak bloom. However, with the summer season, this also means you have to tend to them more often to pull the weeds, mow the lawn . . . yet again, water the garden beds, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, you can’t just go cold turkey on your lawn maintenance since you want to maintain curb appeal, especially if you plan on selling in the near future. You can, however, simplify your routine. Here are three ways to simplify your landscaping maintenance in Franklin.

1. Plant more drought-tolerant plants.

Watering your plants is likely comprising much of your landscaping maintenance. Do yourself a favor and include more drought-tolerant plants in your landscaping to cut down on your water bill and the time needed for you to water these areas of your garden beds. When you’re looking to add some color to your landscaping without the maintenance, look to drought-tolerant plants such as conflowers and lantanas. These plants are not susceptible to heat and can endure drier soil conditions.

2. Incorporate native plants.

When you’re simplifying your landscaping maintenance, one of the easiest ways to do so for your Franklin home is to seek out native plants, or plants that are known to grow well in your area. Since Franklin is located in Middle Tennessee, bergamot, butterfly weed and wild petunia are a few of the several native flowers in our area. And if you’re looking for native shrubs, consider planting silky dogwood or wild azalea, among so many others. Look to a local nursery to locate these plants and others that are native to Middle Tennessee so that you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your summer gardens.

3. Consider an artificial lawn.

Just imagine never having to mow or water your lawn. While the thought of having an artificial lawn for your Franklin home might not sound appealing, consider the zero amount of time you’ll have to invest into its upkeep. Synthetic grass is known to last up to 20 years! Plus, you won’t have to worry about patchy areas not growing that are not flourishing; you’ll have an even color and height year-round. So if you’re looking for a lawn and don’t want to worry about the work, that’s also more eco-friendly since you don’t have to worry about watering or fertilizing it, an artificial lawn is the perfect fit for you and your Franklin home this summer and for the seasons to come.