There are a multitude of things to account for when home buying. To be on top of your game, read this short list of items to help prepare you in the purchasing process.


Be Honest About Your Budget

In order for your real estate agent to accurately help you find your forever home, he needs to know your budget. Giving a range is fine, but if you would prefer to stick on the lower end of that range, make sure you let your realtor know. This way you won’t fall in love with a home that’s above your comfortability level!


Meet with Multiple Lenders

It’s important to survey your options as a buyer. Meeting with only one lender limits your potential to get the best deal possible. Try meeting with two or three different lenders and then pick the one who’s able to meet your needs appropriately.


Budget for Closing Costs

In an ideal world, the seller will help with closing costs, but it’s not guaranteed. To not be blindsided by extra costs, start saving for these specific costs in your home buying budget. A good rule of thumb is to save 2-7% of the purchase price.


What are some other factors you should consider that aren’t always talked about in the home buying process?