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3 Keys to Making Your Franklin Home Shine for Buyers

When buyers are looking for their dream home, they’re scanning a pool of homes online before they even think about touring the home. So when they tour the home, a walkthrough will either make or break their interest in your home. Wondering how to make your home showing unforgettable for buyers? Here are three keys to making your Franklin home shine for buyers.

1. Tidy and bring your home back to neutral.

Over the years (maybe decades) you’ve lived in your home, you’ve likely added some fun wallpaper in a living room or a bold paint color in your kitchen. One of the first key ways to make your Franklin home stand out to buyers is to bring your home back to neutral. Paint any bold colored walls in a beige, white or light gray hue. You might even remove large pieces of artwork or some of your family photos. You want your home to appear lived in somewhat, but you want the buyers to have the freedom to envision their own family residing there. Removing personalized items and decor choices helps with this. Once you’ve depersonalized your space, tidy your home from your closets to your attic. No space is off limits to buyers during a home tour!

2. Finally get around to your home to-do list.

It’s likely that you’ve become accustomed to that sticky door or that creaky window. But when buyers are touring your Franklin home, any broken or faulty home features are going to stick out like a sore thumb. From replacing light bulbs to fixing a finicky door knob and other odd jobs that you’ve put off, make sure your home is in complete working order before the buyers arrive.

3. Update your home, even if it’s not substantial.

If you’re taking a step back and accessing your home, realizing you haven’t updated anything for several years, buyers will be taking note, too. Don’t allow your Franklin home to be put on the maybe or even ‘no’ list of buyers! And if you’re on a tight budget from moving costs and buying your next home to move into, updating your home can be a daunting thought for your wallet. If you don’t have it in the budget to do a major update, you can complete a minor one such as having all of the carpets cleaned, repainting your home in a neutral color or even purchasing a new, budget-friendly fridge for the kitchen. Whichever you decide to do, rest assured that these updates will pay off in the long run.